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Alienesque snow mountain 3D terrain model

Free Alienesque snow mountain 3D terrain model from Pratyaksh Gaur


The files included are listed below :
*Mesh (OBJ object)

1. Snow mountain alienesque (optimized)obj625,539tri.obj (Wavefront object OBJ)
*Textures a) Color:

1. Texture8K_png8bit.png (8k, PNG8bit)
2. Texture8K_png16bit.png (8k, PNG16bit)
3. Texture8K_tiff8bit.tif (8k, TIFF8bit)
4. Texture8K_tiff16bit.tif (8k, TIFF16bit)
b) Normal map (high level details):
1. AlienSnowM_Detail_N_normals.tif (8k, TIFF16bit)
*Heightmaps (optional)
1. Aliensque Snow mountain HM-TIFF16bit.tif (8k, TIFF16bit)
2. Aliensque Snow mountain HMterragen.ter (8k, Terragen format, 16bit)


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Via Bernd Haier
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