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Different Texture Types with Examples

Hello Guys,
I ‘ve made a very basic guide for the different texture map types.

I believe that, this article could be useful for a lot of people out there who are just confused with the huge variety of different texture types and their unique purposes in 3D
Texturing it’s a huge topic so I am not aiming to educate you for each single aspect of the certain texture type.
Just giving a basic guide and simple examples on where those textures are being used and their purpose.

Textures types included inside:
-Ambient Occlusion


-Subsurface Scattering

I haven’t included all texture types, there are more out there.
Hope it helps!

Yanko Stefanov

Basic guide for testures map types Basic guide for testures map types Basic guide for testures map types

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  1. Yanko says

    Here is the updated version I made.
    Enjoy 🙂

    1. Cgtricks says

      Thank you very much!!!

      1. Anonymous says

        You are welcome!
        Thanks too.

      2. Yanko Stefanov says

        You are welcome.

        Thanks too!

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