Blender 3.2 New Features in LESS than Five Minutes

Blender 3.2 New Features in LESS than Five Minutes

The Blender Foundation has announced the release of Blender 3.2. New features include:

  • Support for Light Groups to allow users to modify the colour and intensity of lights in post without re-rendering
  • Cycles now supports selective rendering of caustics in shadows of refractive objects.
  • Motion Blur now works with volumetrics.
  • Many poly painting improvements, including the ability to paint in sculpt mode.
  • Preservation of colour attributes when using remesher.
  • Masking, auto-masking and face sets are fully supported with colour attribute painting.
  • A new duplicate elements geometry node.
  • Support for asset collections in the asset browser.
  • A new Curve Pen tool.
  • Grease Pencil gains an envelope modifier that connects all points that are N points apart.
  • Improved channels in the Video Sequencer.
  • Much more!

See a full list of what’s new on the Blender website


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