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The site Human Alloy gives this week one of the 25 models of 3D scanned people have for sale, in this case, a woman wearing a hat.

The model is available in 5 resolutions, from 1 to 25 million polygons and textures in 8K pixel.

Package includes:

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  • 5 mesh resolutions. From ~1 million poly’s to ~25 million poly’s
  • Normalmaps for each mesh resolution to get all the details of the highest resolution in even the lowest resolution mesh
  • Digitally grown hair
  • 8192 pixels x 8192 pixel textures and masks
  • Masks for each material on the model (skin, clothing, etc)
  • Makes easy color variations possible.
  • Custom created shaders for each surface on the model.
  • Obj files for import in other software packages

Click here to go to the download link.

Source: VrayWorld

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