Cityscape Pro – A 3ds Max® plugin for modeling urban areas

Cicada Design Inc.


Cityscape Pro is a revolutionary parametric modeling plugin for 3ds Max®. It provides a complete solution for modeling urban areas, complex sites, parametric roads, curbs, curbcuts, sidewalks, grass, lakes, terrain, snow, and more.

The non-destructive workflow uses splines as input objects, geometry is generated automatically with a single click of a button!

The plugin can handle massive city-scale models, it can save up to 40% of production time on complex architectural visualization projects.


Cityscape Pro Features Reel:


Cityscape Pro Customer Reel 2020:

Cityscape Pro has streamlined our production workflow allowing artists to focus on creating visually appealing imagery without being hung up on the technical challenges of site modeling.”
Jon Neilon – Cicada Design Inc.

Cicada Design Inc.
Cityscape Pro is a software that’s based on many years of real-world experience in ArchViz industry. It was developed by collaboration with a team of experienced 3D artists with a goal to increase productivity and remove complexity from the production process. Cityscape Pro can automate up to 40% of production tasks in the Architectural Visualization industry.


Cicada Design Inc.

Cityscape Pro is available with monthly and annual subscription options.

A free, fully functional 45-day trial version of Cityscape Pro is available at

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