COMPLETE EDITION Street Kit No.01 | Mellowmesher

COMPLETE EDITION Street Kit No.01 | Mellowmesher

Hi folks,

We are happy to share with you the new product from our partner Mellowmesher: COMPLETE EDITION Street Kit No.01 – a good starter for your next architectural visualisations and urban creations.

Build your next urban environment with the MELLOWMESHER Street Kit No. 01 — completely scanned and based on photogrammetry to give you outstanding and realistic rendering.

The small details of an urban environment matter when architecture visualization is your career. Your buildings can look photorealistic and without an environment that matches, they feel out of place.

Realistic environments can be more complex than buildings and take hours to get right. Don’t waste your time (unless you like staring at pavement for hours).

Use this VFX environment kit for your next project — complete with scenes, pavements, manhole covers and curbs.

Includes V-Ray shader for CINEMA 4D and 3DS MAX.


If you don’t want all the complete scenes you can buy them separately on the Gumroad store.

Created with Maxon CINEMA 4D R18 and V-Ray 3.4 and converted into max files with Autodesk 3DS MAX 2016 and V-Ray 3.5.

All elements have clean topology, are low poly, and come with displacement (height maps), normal map, bump map, roughness map, AO map and diffuse map.

Recommended Uses:
Architecture visualisation, film asset, game asset, design and many more.

Legal Stuff :
You can use the shader for commercial and non-commercial work and edit it to your liking.
None of the content may be redistributed without permission.
If your work allows for it, please mention MELLOWMESHER in the work.

Visit Mellowmesher


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