Connecter 1.4.5 | Selecting Multiple Folders and other UX improvements

New release Connecter v1.4.5

The first update of the year comes with Folders Selection mode, requested UX/UI changes and bug fixes to Connecter.

This release includes:

  • Folder Selection mode — allows you to mark multiple folders and change their color, hide or star them. Use the “Apply to sub-folders” option to easily manage whole folders structures.

  • Folders loader — loading folders which contain many sub-folders could take a bit of time so we added a simple loader to indicated when a directory is still being loaded.
  • Switching back and forth through folders using the mouse Back/Forward buttons (like in Chrome, Firefox, etc).
  • Contextual tooltips — we’ve added some smart tooltips to get you familiar with Connecter’s basics faster. More tooltips are coming to introduce different features you might never thought existed.
  • Rate Connecter — Yes, we’d love to know how you’d rate your experience with Connecter so far. Do write your critics and suggestions — we listen to you!
  • Number of bug fixes and improvements..

Download Connecter

Quick tips: How to add new new asset to Connecter


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