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A quick and easy way to add a look to your renders

This pack of free LUTs will allow you to obtain a non-linear look directly in the Virtual Frame Buffer of your engine without the need to open your post-production software, this will allow you to work much more quickly. You can also use them in post-production to replicate the behavior of several photographic films.

This Pack has been included in the 1.5 version of Corona Render as part of the rendering engine and has been very popular in the community.


The normal and desired result when rendering linearly with PBR materials is similar to the one you can see below, an EXR file with a huge dynamic range, but with little contrast and saturation:

When applying a LUT, either in the VFB or in post production we can obtain the following results:

Download Free LUTs


If you need more information about the operation of the LUTs and how to use them in your work, in this tutorial you will find more information:

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