Free Tiny Landscape Scene | Angelo Ferretti

Free Tiny Landscape Scene | Angelo Ferretti

This tiny rocky ball is a very simple scene created with Cinema 4D Landscapes and V-Ray Fur, ready to render with V-RAYforC4D 1.9/3.4. Inside the zip file you’ll find light setup, Progressive and Bucket V-Ray render settings, materials, textures, editable V-Ray Fur settings.

This file does not have any type of protection. You can reuse the scene, the render settings, the lights, the materials, but above all you can learn from the file, moving inside the project, observing how the light was created and handled, how materials are developed, what is the role that every textures play within them, and the values that fill every single option.



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Quick tips: How to paint the leaves on to the selected surface with Forest Pack

With Forest Pack from Itoo Software, you can paint the leaves on to the selected surface. And you can control the density by how much you want to paint them in.

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