Gumroad Day SUPER SALE: 70% OFF on the Cinema 4D and Corona scenes | Angelo Ferretti

April 4 is Gumroad 13th birthday! To celebrate this very special day, Gumroad is going to lower fees to 0% for 24 hours, so all Gumroad creators can earn more than usual for one day. This is why Angelo Ferretti is also lowering the price of the best seller Cinema 4D + Corona scenes running the greatest sale of all time: 70% OFF!

This collection includes the best seller Cinema 4D and Corona scenes:

• Casa GP exterior scene (latest update, 6 different light setup included)
• Housing in Paris exterior scene
• Caulfield North apt. interior scene
• Parisian interior scene
• Watercolor room interior scene
• Pixel & Flowers interior scene (latest update)
• New York apt. interior scene
• Industrial loft interior scene (latest update)

The total cost of these scenes purchased separately would be 479,20 € but for a very limited time you can get this collection with 70% OFF479,20 143,76 €. You are saving 335,44 €, don’t miss this chance!

Use the discount code: best70 or click the link at the bottom of this email (it goes directly to the discounted product page).

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