How to add Glow and Glare effect in Photoshop?


Glow & Glare (Extension for Photoshop) By Bogdan Bogdanović

Extension for Photoshop: Adding Glow & Glare effects to the picture in a non-destructive way.


– Add Glow & Glare effect to the picture in a non-destructive way

– Each effect is saved to a separate layer so it can be turned off or on

– Very flexible as the effect can be easily manipulated after the creation

– Adjust the amount, size and color of the effect

– Pick from 18 different Glare shapes

– Get the look you want faster with auto-update feature

– All settings are kept in the current Photoshop session


– Photoshop CC 2017 or above

– Windows or Mac

Download Glow & Glare

Download Shadow

Download RainFX

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