How to Copy Paste Material and Mapping in 3dsMax

Quick and easy way to copy paste material and mapping from one object to another without opening Material Editor:

Additional Info:

Copy: MAT+UVW – copies material and mapping

MAT – applies material ONLY

MAT+UVW – applies material  + mapping

MAT-D – applies material duplicate and opens SME with it ready to be adjusted

MAT-D+UVW – applies material duplicate + mapping and opens SME with it ready to be adjusted

Attention: if target objects have UVW modifiers applied to them they will be deleted when using MAT+UVW or MAT-D+UVW scripts.

Tested with 3ds Max 2017.


Run the script. Find installed macroscripts in Customize Users Interface – Toolbars – Category: Kotscript. Create new toolbar and drag selected macroscripts to it.




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