How to use Fusion to clean up aerial shots | DBOX

An in-depth look into using fusion to clean up aerial shots.

This tutorial also covers techniques that allow for easy retouching & overlays onto any type of moving clip. This is aimed at people who actively work on shots integrating CG into real footage. No advanced knowledge of Fusion is required, but some awareness of compositing is essential.

The material has been broken up into chapters to aid in coming back to reference it.

  1. What we are doing, why, and who are you
  2. Initial max file setup
  3. Importing to fusion and file prep
  4. Projection & rendering & re-projection & rendering again
  5. Quick summary and clone stamping some footage
  6. Adding clips & fixing a shake
  7. Setting up for crane removal
  8. Using max to build some new geometry
  9. Complex surface projection setup & rendering
  10. Complex surface re-projection & rendering
  11. Setting up a cache
  12. Freezing time, tracking, and masks
  13. Wrapping up ‘crane top
  14. A full summary of the final shot file
  15. Organisation recap & adding new projections
  16. Fix your track, and why I should have done that
  17. Closing thoughts & thanks


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