Learn composition: contrast and layers of light and dark

New tutorials by Neil Blevins that will help you make better compositions.

Image by Neil Blevins

Strong composition is an essence to each visual work. Neil Blevins aka  ArtofSoulburn shows the meaning of contrast and light layers in his latest tutorials.

The first lesson goes over the many forms of contrast (value, hue, detail, shape, etc) and how to use them to create visual interest or create a focal point.

Layers of light and dark are a tremendously important technique in composition. They help you both lead the eye and to make sure individual objects can be seen separate from each other. This lesson discusses these techniques in broad terms, and gives a number of suggestions on how to use layers of light and dark to make your imagery stronger compositionally.

Author: ArtOfSoulburn 

Editor: Michał Franczak

Source evermotion.org
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