Leed3D – A Platform for Finding 3D Models from photos

As a 3D artist, we spend a significant amount of time finding the right 3D models as requested, accounting for approximately 40-60% of our working hours. Sometimes, even though we know we have a particular 3D model, we struggle to recall its location. To address this challenge, we created Leed3d.com, a platform where you can search for 3D models using images.

It’s incredibly convenient: just upload an image or paste it into the search bar, and the website will present you with a curated selection of the closest 3D models. Our platform helps 3D artists locate the right models more efficiently. Based on our experience, using Leed3d can save over 30% of working time.

Currently, Leed3d.com is linked to 3dsky.org, a popular and well-known resource among 3D artists. Our next step is to expand our capabilities by integrating with other 3D model websites


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