Madam Stoltz – Big Ceramic Collection

We are really happy to offer you a very special collection of ceramic elements we really love in real life as well.
You can decorate your scenes with these 3D scans and fill your library with detailed assets.

This collection contains the following elements:

  1. Madam Stoltz – plant pot powder M size
  2. Madam Stoltz – plant pot blue rost L size
  3. Madam Stoltz – vase terracotta grey-black
  4. Madam Stoltz – bowl mint S size
  5. Madam Stoltz – salad bowl mint
  6. Madam Stoltz – bowl square – deaf
  7. Madam Stoltz – bowl green
  8. Madam Stoltz – bowl black
  9. Madam Stoltz – bowl white
  10. Madam Stoltz – vase terracotta beige

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