Material Manager 4.3.1 | Dennis Porter

The Material Manager is an all-in-one interface for quickly interacting with scene materials.  Quickly sort, search, filter, create, rename, delete duplicate, and assign materials and texture files with the click of a button!  This tool comes equipped with material presets that won’t clutter up scene files and can be loaded in when they are needed, as well as an on-board color ID map baker.

Confirmed Supported Maya Versions:

  • 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016.5, 2017
  • 2014 LT, 2015 LT, 2016 LT, 2017 LT

Compatibility designed to work on future versions of Maya that are not yet out.  Not guaranteed to fully work on versions of Maya older than what is listed.

Download Material Manager 4.3.1


Quick tips: How To Show All The Materials For The Selected Objects With Just One Click

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