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We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to creating compelling visualizations.
That’s why we’re excited to offer our Winter Sale, where you can save 25% on all Kstudio plugins for 3Ds Max.

Our powerful suite of plugins is designed to help you unleash your creativity and streamline your workflow.

Whether you’re looking to organize and manage your 3Ds Max scenes and assets with Project Manager,
create simple flat architectural moldings with Sweep Profile,
or complex stucco 3D moldings, railings, and other procedural geometry with Fusion, we’ve got you covered.

Visit our website and take advantage of our Winter Sale while it lasts!

Coupon Code: FLASHSALE

offer valid till February 27, 2023

Get it now

Here are just a few of the plugins you can take advantage of

Project Manager the ultimate browser for 3D models, materials, textures, IES and ANY other kind of 3D Assets
Fusion parametric modeling plugin to effortlessly create intricate continuous stucco moldings, fences, bridges, etc.
Materials Manager a great tool to organize, navigate and apply all your materials equipped with interactive rendering and drag-and-drop features
Models Manager a plugin to help you organize and use your 3d models in 3ds Max, making search and asset management a breeze
Batch Render&Relink a useful plugin for batch processing — it searches, relinks and collects bitmaps and other assets for 3d models and material libraries.
Sweep Profile a handy tool for creating, updating and organizing your architectural profiles in just one click (includes 37 ready-to-use profiles)
And another great opportunity for our new customers!

But that’s not all!

Purchase one or more licenses for any of Kstudio’s Plugins, and get one extra license for free!
It’s the perfect bonus for freelancers and small studios alike.

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