Sky-Lab | FREE Sky and Atmosphere System for Blender

Sky-Lab is the ultimate tool for creating stunning, realistic skies and atmospheres in Blender. With Sky-Lab, you can easily generate procedural clouds, fogs, and lighting that will bring your 3D projects to life.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, Sky-Lab provides complete control over every aspect of your sky. From adjusting cloud density and coverage to fine-tuning color, and other atmospheric conditions.

Sky-Lab empowers you to create any type of sky, from sunrise to sunset and beyond. And with its powerful procedural algorithms, Sky-Lab ensures that each render is unique and realistic.

Sky-Lab also includes a complete night system with automated day/night transitions and procedural night skies. It even comes with a beautiful, high-resolution galaxy to create amazing night skies!

With its powerful cloud controls, Sky-Lab enables you to create 6 different types of clouds that bring life to your scenes. You can adjust the cloud’s shape, size, coverage, and much, much more!

Sky-Lab is built on the basis of procedural algorithms, allowing you to have full control over every single parameter. It also allows you to generate infinite variations. Sometimes, you’re just not feeling it, and that’s where the “Seed” value comes into play. Simply change the value and you get a brand new variation of your sky!

In short, Sky-Lab is the ultimate tool for creating realistic, captivating environments in Blender. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or developer, Sky-Lab is the perfect tool to bring your ideas to life.

Addon includes:

Procedural Atmospheric System with a full day-night cycle and customization options.

Procedural, Volumetric Atmospheric effects like fog to emulate a feeling of scale/distance.

Procedural Cloud System with up to 6 different cloud-layers/cloud-types.

High-Quality Night-Sky HDRI built-in.


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