tyFlow Pro released

Physics add-on for 3ds Max is out.

tyFlow’s solvers can handle rigidbodies, crowds, grains, cloth, ropes, and all kinds of other materials. tyFlow can also interface directly with PhoenixFD, FumeFX and Ornatrix, allowing for advanced interactions between complex, simulated phenomena.

tyFlow’s mesh slicing and fracturing algorithms – combined with its implementation of the NVidia PhysX library – make it easy to orchestrate the destruction of any object. Hard-surface deformations are also possible, enabling you to bend, warp and crush your geometry.

tyFlow isn’t limited to just particles. Its OpenVDB integration, as well as its additional modifiers, helpers, controllers, texture maps and other tools can make it an integral part of a procedural, content-creation pipeline.

tyFlow is now available in two variants:

tyFlow FREE

  • Full simulation suite
  • 25+ modifiers
  • No multi-threading
  • No GPU acceleration
  • No tyCache export

tyFlow PRO – $395 USD

  • Permanent, node-locked
  • +1 year maintenance
  • Full simulation suite
  • 25+ modifiers
  • Full multi-threading
  • GPU acceleration
  • tyCache export

More information on tyFlow site.

Source evermotion.org
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