VW Studio Lighting – Corona | Sachin Mahajan

Free Corona studio lighting to preview your dirty materials and not only. Enjoy it!

VW Studio Lighting - Corona

Technical info.

  • Software used: 3ds Max 2011 | Corona 1.00.02
  • Linear Workflow Gamma 2.2
  • Resolution set 1000 X 1000 pixels.
  • Three platform’s colours. White | Grey | Black.
  • Three render presets. Low | Medium | Ultra.
  • Three Corona lights Shape rectangle with HDR reflector included.
  • One locked V-Ray physical camera.


How to use it.

  • To select VW Studio’s colour just change the platform’s polygon ID.
    Set ID: 1 White | Set ID: 2 Grey | Set ID: 3 Black
  • To unlock the camera select both Camera&  Target and then go to Command panel -> Hierarchy -> Link Info-> turn of x,y,z everywhere.
  • Change contrast in VFB if required



  • First of all it’s absolutely Free!
  • Its design is fresh & sportive for comfortable feeling by using it on a daily basis.
  • Easy check of dirt as it contains antithetic grouts from the lower to the upper part.
  • Similar result using the three different shades of its platform. White | Grey | Black.
  • Rotate VW Shader-Ball 180 degrees. Surprise! It’s double face with different logo 🙂

Source: vwartclub

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