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500 PBR Textures Volume 1 is on sale too! 🤩
So until February 25th, you can purchase PBR V1 for just $59 (reg. $745).

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500 high quality PBR textures volume 2! 🔥

500 PBR Textures Volume 2 is the sequel of our highly successful Physically-Based Rendered textures bundle.

Inside you will find 500 high quality and high resolution PBR texturesdivided in to 5 categories:

– pavements

– soil
– brick walls
– floor tiles
– leather

Some technical stuff 🤓

Each texture in 500 PBR Textures Volume 2 is delivered as uncompressed PNG format with 4096 x 4096 px resolution. Additionally, each texture includes five maps: Diffuse / Albedo, Glossiness, Height / Displacement, Normal Map and Reflection.

Just $39 in the next 10 days! ⏰

PBR Textures 500 Volume 2 is available for just $39 (discounted from reg. $745) until February 25th.

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