Building Generator script for 3ds Max | Milan Šaffek

Milan Šaffek has released a free script for 3ds Max that can create buildings by assembling and slicing pre-built components along splines or using a bounding box


  • Support multiple buildings /blocks.
  • shape of asset can be defined by box volume or by spline shape
  • Working with prefabs (user prepared geometry) that are referenced (instanced) from source prefab. That means basic prefabs can be simple geometry, which can be updated to final mesh anytime..
  • Walls editing -(loop selection of rows and columns, quick replace or extrude of source prefabs, add /remove floor, random selection, step selection, mirror (symmetrical) selection
  • Roof creation – scatter random objects (for example chimneys, antennas) on top of asset
  • Building hierarchy – walls or populated object have visual parent nodes, so whole walls or populated objects that belong to wall can be easily selected.
  • Tool supports both interiors and exteriors. (possible can be use for building game levels, although currently is not main focus of tool)
  • “populate function ” – Additional object can be scattered above walls , and additionally aligned (can be used for example for air conditioning, flower pots etc ). Selection loops should work on populated object too. Multiple “layers” of scattered objects supported..
  • Basic graybox presets/source files are attached (Building, Interior, Castle, Sci-fi building). This presets are not meant for final use and are only as example.. Its also in graybox state, so it don`t have mapping! main intention of plugin is that users will build their own presets (but can be possibly shared through some platform)



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