DmitryG Tools for 3DS Max [Free]

10 simple scripts for 3ds max that makes your work more comfortable 🙂


  • Quad Sphere
  • Edge Divide
  • Fast Grey Material & Black Wire
  • Min Z Pivot Position
  • Move To Origin
  • Multy Bevel Settings Dialog
  • Zero Extrude
  • Soft Polys
  • Toggle Hard Edge Display
  • Hide\Unhide Track Bar & Slider

How Install:

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Drag & Drop *mzp file in 3ds max viewport and hit >install< button.

Go to Customize -> Customize User Interface, choose “DmitryG Tools” in the Category list and use it!

How UnInstall:

Drag & Drop *mzp file in 3ds max viewport and hit >Uninstall All< button.


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