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5 Lighting Model Pack

Great model from Ramizvardar

5 Model Ligthting Pack

  • Model COCO;  Influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, Coco is individually turned by local artisans, then checked, assembled and packaged in our studio. Like a beautiful, heavy yo-yo at the end of its string, Coco hangs in space with a silent poise. Do as the Danes do and hang it low over your dining table.
  • Model Copper; Pendant in red copper with rosewood top.

    Design by Jo Hammerborg, produced by Fog & Mørup in Denmark. Jo Hammerborg

  • Model Floor Lamp; STUDIO Floor lamp, brass & brown lacquered steel.
    Design by Jo Hammerborg, produced by Fog & Mørup in Denmark. Jo Hammerborg
  • Model Floor-Standing; This set of wall lights is composed of two brass discs that seem to pass one in front of the other, such as when two planets are in the same axis. One disc is bathed in a halo of light.

    They are very shallow, and, with indirect lighting, exist in two dimensions so that they may present a stunning wall composition.

Format: .Max

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