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Great Talks about Photo Realism: How a Book Inspires and Unites 3D Artists Worldwide

This book is the very first such project uniting world-renowned artists in the 3D community. It has received exceptionally good reviews so far and has been called “the archviz book of the year”.

Great Talks about Photo Realism by Bogdan Sasu is a book that unveils the stories of some of the best international visualization artists in the industry. If you’ve ever wondered about the secrets behind creating photo-realistic images, you now have a chance to peek inside the great minds who have already captured the attention in the field.

Over the last few months, since the book was officially launched, GTAPR evolved into one of the most ambitious projects in the archviz world. This little book which was only an idea five years ago is now on the lips of some of the biggest names in the 3D industry such as Evermotion, CGArchitect, D2 Conferences, with whom there is also a fruitful partnership, but also Corona, CADDetails, The CGBros, and CG Press.

In August 2019, GTAPR was fortunate enough to participate at one of the largest gatherings of architectural visualization artists in the world, the D2 Vienna Conferences. The GTAPR presence there was a big honor and managed to reinforce ties with some people from the industry as well as establish new connections. In other words, the conference helped a great deal with paving the road to success and marked the beginning of a long and promising journey. 

Recently, GTAPR also sponsored the biggest archviz meetup in Bucharest, 3Ds Romania, where Bogdan, the creator of the book, currently lives. Yet again, Great Talks about Photo Realism made its impact in the field by bringing together some of its contributing artists – Dušan Vukčević, Eduard Caliman, Lucia Frascerra, Raphael Rau, Manó Karlinger and Michela Tonelli, as well as Fabio Palvelli. Working with the 3ds community, represented by Laurențiu Stanciu, other local studios participated, among whom Brick Visual, Panoptikon, and Graphroot.

Here is GTAPR’s message in the aftermath of the event:

The meetup was a great success and we want to thank everyone involved. The community starts with each artist and it resonates through time in events such as this one. GTAPR is proud to be the driving force of the first archviz event here in Romania.

Perhaps the thing that this project takes the most pride in is that it is gradually becoming a symbol of unity for 3D artists everywhere. Great Talks about Photo Realism continues to evolve and inspire people who want to learn and mentors alike, people who have dedicated themselves to art for years and people who are just starting their journey. This series of books will always be about uniting artists and helping them improve their craft. 

Here is what people had to say about the book and how it impacted them:

We are very pleased that we can support Great Talks about Photo Realism. The arch-viz industry is evolving at a fast pace, with each month delivering new tools, ideas and artworks by talented people. This book brings us behind the scenes of the creative process of making stunning architectural visualizations. It has great artistic and educational value. Moreover, it helps raise arch-viz branch to a higher level and popularize the achievements of great artists and their passion for graphic design. Michal Franczak, Evermotion

This book serves as a time capsule of knowledge, artistry and inspiration for generations to come. I hope everyone enjoys this book and the fine artists that have been featured and you use this to push your artwork and career further. Jeff Mottle, Founder of

Interesting, clever, beautifully published and with personalized dedication. We start reading and we count on a large dose of inspiration from the best photorealism specialists. The Frame Studio

Got my copy of the book and just wanted to thank you. It looks amazing, the interviews are really interesting. It was so amazing reading and realizing there are other people who have gone through the same things and have the same passion for 3D. Thank you once more for this incredible book! Janne Reponen

We’re excited to see the high-quality print and the great layout of the book. Take a look at the custom title page! We look forward to reading through it more closely and learning everything we can about industry leaders and their stories. Tangram 3DS LLC

The author of the book confesses he feels overwhelmed with such a positive response from worldwide communities and he wants to give his huge thanks to everyone who is a part of this: 

From Taipei to Sydney, from USA to Europe, this book is becoming a strong point of reference for new and skilled artists alike. It is absolutely incredible to be a part of this; I feel like pieces of my heart are being sent out into the world. Thank you all for believing, thank you all for the amazing feedback and for making Great Talks about Photo Realism what it is today! Bogdan Sasu

Make sure you visit the book’s website to see for yourself. There are more upcoming surprises so stay tuned!

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