How to add rain effect in Photoshop with RainFX

RainFX ( Extension for Photoshop )

Photoshop extension for creating rain effects.

Create rain effects with ease. Tweak the parameters to get the perfect result. RainFX is intuitive, fast and enjoyable to use.

Download RainFX

Panel UI Controls:

Angle: the angle of the rain (0 – 180)

Density: the density of the rain (1 – 100). Combine this with speed.

Speed: the speed of the rain (1 – 100). Adds motion blur to the rain to simulate speed.

Wind strength: the wind effect on the rain (0 – 5). The higher the number more wind is blowing and rain gets more scattered.

Levels of rain: add depth to the rain effect by adding more levels of rain (1 – 10). Translated to the language of a Photoshop user it means how much layers of rain will be created.

”Auto update” option gives you an interactive approach to creating the rain effect. With each parameter change the rain automatically updates.

”Merge group” option merges current rain effect parameters into one layer so you can for example add more variation by changing the parameters and then merging the group again.

Bonus tip:

If ”Merge group” option is not enabled every layer inside ”rain_FX” group can be turned on and off so you can tweak the result even further and therefore achieve the look you want.


– Photoshop CC 2015 or above

– Windows or Mac

Download RainFX

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