How to manage Corona proxy with Corona Proxy Lister

If you use Corona Renderer for your rendering, we think this script is for you. This is a very simple but EXTREMLY USEFUL script you will use all the time! It will save you a lot of time!

All proxy parameters are changing for proxies selected in list only.
“Update list” button – Collect all proxies in the scene and update list. Script should do it automatically when: new scene is opened, object deleted, scene merged.
“AutoSelect” checkbutton – If enabled then proxies selected in scene will be selected in list. Use when you want to control only proxies selected in viewport.
“Affect All” checkbutton – Selects all proxies in list if pressed. Use when you want to control all proxies in the scene.

“Proxies:” counter – Number of all proxies objects in the scene.
“Unique:” conter – Number of unique proxies in the scene (gets only one instance per proxy).

“Ram cache” and so on – Proxy parameters (Captain Obvious).

“Select” button – Select highlighted proxies objects in the scene (hidden objects are ignored).
“Hide” button – Hide highlighted proxies.
“Show” button – Show highlighted proxies.


Drag .mcr to viewport. Find “Corona Proxy Lister” in “Corona Render” category and put it to menu or toolbar.

Limitations for v1.0:
– Dialog can’t be resized
– List always sorted by proxy filename.
– You can reorder columns if you want, but script won’t remember it.


Download corona Proxy Lister

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