Incredible ~700 3D models bundle now just $39 | CGAXIS

Get nearly 700 3D models bundle over 90% off!

Only until November 22nd, you can get our first Complete collection featuring nearly 700 3d models for just $39 (reg. $499).

What’s included in Complete?

Complete features nearly 700 Royalty-Free 3D models divided into 9 categories:

🔹 Interior plants (45 3D models)
🔹 Furniture (168 3D models)
🔹 Electronic devices (115 3D models)
🔹 Exterior plants (100 3D models)
🔹 Lights (70 3D models)
🔹 Doors and door handles (79 3D models)
🔹 Food (20 3D models)
🔹 Party (25 3D models)
🔹 Home and Kitchen Appliances (70 3D models)

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