NAG ALL | NAG Automatic Library Lister

For designers and 3D artists, the first version of NAG®ALL algorithm is just finished. NAG®ALL algorithm is specialized in automating the organization process of digital library assets by only a single click! After NAG®ALL task is performed, the user will have a highly organized library ready for use or for linking 3ds Max plugins, such as Project Manager, Connecter or Autodesk Assets Library.

The algorithm was successfully tested with over thousands of 3D products such as, 3dsky, Dimensiva, CGTrader, Designconnected and others.

For more information about NAG®ALL, kindly check the attached videos:

A- The Story of NAG Automatic Library Lister

B- The theory behind NAG Automatic Libray Lister

C- How does NAG Automatic Library Lister work?

What will NAG®ALL future updates include?  

In the next version, we have planned to add the feature of linking the algorithm with the defined 3d library by the user. Then, NAG®ALL can search with the 3d model code on the website, and rename the 3d model with the original meaningful name and sort the files under categories like Sofa, Chair, Bed, …, etc.
This update will be posted for free for the first version buyers.


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