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Creative crops is a new 3d food scan store with currently over 70 high quality food scans. New scans will be added every week.
In the store you will find a variety of food scans like fruits, vegetables, pastry, sweets, fast food and more…

– 70+ Food Scans currently available and new scans added every week
– C4D Corona files with materials, fbx, obj, some also C4D with standard materials
– Retopologized Models (ca. 5k to 20k polys), uv unwrapped and real world scale

8K texture maps:

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– Diffuse
– Glossiness/Roughness
– Normal
– Displacement Map
– SSS Strength and SSS Radius map (is provided for scans that need it)

If you use the obj or fbx files check out the creative crops FAQ for material setup help 🙂

Have fun exploring the world of CG Food!

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