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Hello! 🙌

Two months ago we released our first PBR Textures bundle, and we are blown away by your great reactions and overall sales of this bundle.

So, after over two months we are back with Volume 2 of the bundle + great intro sale offer for the next ⏰ 14 days!

500 high quality PBR textures volume 2! 🔥

500 PBR Textures Volume 2 is the sequel of our highly successful Physically-Based Rendered textures bundle.

Inside you will find 500 high quality and high resolution PBR texturesdivided in to 5 categories:

– pavements

– soil
– brick walls
– floor tiles
– leather

Some technical stuff 🤓

Each texture in 500 PBR Textures Volume 2 is delivered as uncompressed PNG format with 4096 x 4096 px resolution. Additionally, each texture includes five maps: Diffuse / Albedo, Glossiness, Height / Displacement, Normal Map and Reflection.

Just $39 in the next 14 days! ⏰

PBR Textures 500 Volume 2 is available for just $39 (discounted from reg. $745) until February 25th.

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