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Entire room in one polygon!

Parallax OSL is a new method that uses just a single polygon to show an entire room.

With the power of OSL (Open Shading Language) and a wonderful script called JIWindowbox, it is now possible to create realistic fake interiors, saving you tons of time in the process!

The Parallax effect is often used in video games to optimize scene performace, and is now available for the Archviz industry!


#1.Night and Day

  • Easily swap night to day
  • Each space was rendered twice to create both night and day option

#2.Long Spaces

  • Simply stretch the polygon to create longer parallax spaces
  • Files that have “L” in their name are Long spaces [triple]
  • Files that have “M” are medium [double]
  • Files that have “S” are small [square]

#3.Simple Settings

  • Easily change parameters of parallax texture
  • Turn on/off midground
  • Turn on/off foreground
  • Change room depth
  • Original Parallax Script is written by Julius Ihle (JIWindowbox)

#4.Easy to modify

  • Parallax EXR files are easy to modify in Photoshop
  • Swap with your own photos / assets
  • Change locations of objects with ease

Download wParallax

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