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Physical 2 – Physical PBR Textures collection.

Now you can  get Physical 2 for 🔥 $49 (reg. $499) in the extended 7 days Intro Sale (until May 14th).

Physical 2 Intro Special

Just like all our new releases, Physical is available for $49 in the intro special (until May 14th). After this date, the price goes back to regular $499.

What is Physical 2?

Physical 2 is an XXL collection of 500 ultra-sharp and photorealistic PBR textures divided into five topics (100 textures each) such as:

👉 Roads and Tracks
👉 Metals
👉 Marble
👉 Fabrics
👉 Pavements

Each texture available in Physical 2 contains seven maps and is ready for Specular and Metalness workflows.

More info:

👉 500 new ultra-sharp PBR textures
👉 Both 8K and 4K resolutions included
👉 Compatible with Specular workflow
👉 Compatible with Metalness workflow
👉 Seven maps included in each texture
👉 Lifetime Royalty-Free license
👉 24/7 support
👉 Instant download

Get it now

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