Physics Placer Addon for Blender – Dynamically Place Objects

Step 1: Select Dynamic Objects

Begin by choosing the dynamic objects you wish to manipulate. A simple selection sets the stage for your creative endeavors.

Step 2: Choose Collision Object

Select your collision object – the pivotal point that defines the dynamics of your scene. With this anchor in place, you’re ready to infuse life into your designs.

Step 3: Drop and Throw with Ease

Activate the drop mode to unleash a whole new level of creativity. By simply pressing the ‘u’ shortcut key on your keyboard, you can effortlessly drop and throw objects, adding a dynamic flair to your designs.

You’re Ready to Go With your dynamic objects and collision object set, you’re now equipped to navigate and control your scene effortlessly. The Physics Placer transforms complexity into simplicity.

Download Physics Placer

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