Scatter Tools 3dsMax plugin

Scatter Tools is a powerful 3dsMax plugin to rearrange, randomize and redistribute the objects in your scene in a very simple and intuitive way.

This tutorial explains how to use the amazing “Auto-Populate Furniture” scattering method, which is part of the ‘Scatter Tools’ 3dsMax plugin. The built-in algorithm lets you automatically scatter small elements like household and decorative objects, books, toys, etc., over your models of tables, desks, shelves, bookcases and such, with no collisions and in a smart organic way.

This tutorial for ‘Scatter Tools’ 3dsMax plugin shows you the ‘Switch Places’ tool. A fast and easy way to swap multiple objects around and try different layouts or combinations in your scene.

This tutorial shows you how to use 4 different methods for scattering objects provided by ‘Scatter Tools’ 3dsMax plugin. (It does not include “Auto-populate Furniture” method, which is explained in a separate tutorial)

Download Scatter Tools

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