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The new-old volumes

We updated all 3d models. Now they have become even better

What’s new?
▪ Corona materials added (PBR)
▪ Linear workflow by default (g2.2)
▪ All variations in one file
▪ New file naming and structure
▪ Simplified and improved materials
▪ Vol.06 Books: New textures for Open books, updated Customizable books
▪ Vol.04 Architectural Lights: V-Ray and Corona lights

*And it’s free. Just login to your account for download

Bookmanager2_Modelplusmodel_CGTricksIf you still don’t have Bookmanager 2

A lot of new features are waiting for you. The best price because you set it. Just go and get it!

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Quick tips: How to use Bookmanager 2 in 3dsMax

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