Studio Sets | The CGMood Team

Studio Sets | The CGMood Team

If you wish to share and sell your assets with us, there are a few things you should know first. We are here to keep the standards high, and that includes your previews too: they should portray your object in a natural way, not altering its original colours, while showing nice, soft shadows.
You are free to use your own studio set, but since we want our gallery to follow a common rule, we strongly suggest you start from here.

Product studio set

Presenting a chair, a sofa, a lamp? Our product studio sets provide a starting point for product visualization. The images done with our default studio sets are conform to our presentation standards.

PBR material studio set (simple)

If you are submitting a physically-based material, you should use this set in order to be compliant to our preview guidelines.

Material\shader studio set (complex)

This studio set is an alternative to visualize materials or shaders with a more complex behavior: refraction, thickness, procedural properties, or sophisticated reflections.

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