Tutorial – Forest Snow Ground Complete Package By Jacob Norris – PurePolygons

The Complete Package includes:

– 4 Bonus Timelapse Videos for extra learning!

– Additional Grass Ztool and source files (Substance, Maya, Unreal, Zbrush)

– Includes all 12 Standard Tutorial Videos for Forest Snow Ground

– Unreal Engine Demo Scene


– 16 HD Videos (Including the 4 Bonus Videos in the Complete Pack)

– 6+ Hours of Videos

– Unreal Engine Files Ver. 4.11

– 1K Texture Sheets PNG

– 3 Substance Designer Graphs

– 1 Ztool for snow clumps

– 1 Ztool for grass

– OBJ/FBX Files for snow clumps

– Tutorial reference images

– Scene Breakdown PDF File

*Tutorial Does not contain the trees, no videos or files for tree creation. They are only for display purposes in the scene*

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