Tutorial: Getting Started with Caustics in Corona Renderer for 3ds Max

Learn how to get started with the new Fast Caustics Solver, introduced in Corona Renderer 4!

00:00 – Introduction

00:55 – What are caustics, in reality?

01:35 – Some real world examples

01:53 – Setting up the ideal scene for caustics

02:32 – Enabling the Caustics Solver for reflective caustics

03:04 – Enabling refractive caustics (done per material)

03:18 – Enabling dispersion

03:54 – Optimizing for performance (enabling caustics only for certain lights)

04:36 – Optimizing for performance (disabling caustics from the environment lighting)

05:33 – Controlling caustics in post (the Caustics render element, and the “Only in caustics element” checkbox)

06:09 – Caustics in animations (works correctly with motion blur)

06:38 – Remember to use references from the real world to guide expectations

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