Using Tyflow and 3ds Max to reveal a building

Reveal a high construction building with 3d tools.

In this 3ds Max tutorial we reveal a high rise construction building site using 3ds Max, TyFlow, and Nvidia Omniverse Create. For the realtime architectural visualization of a downtown city demo – first you’ll see how to model the 3D high rise building, and then we will bring it into TyFlow and add the objects as particles for revealing/building on the structure with a fracture rigid bodies reveal effect. TyFlow project files are added below.

The start point and ripple effect vfx are adjustable and you could even reverse this effect if you want to create TyFlow Destruction effects. Finally we export to each TyFlow scene to an FBX and convert to USD for rendering it in realtime in Nvidia Omniverse Create. Finally we;ll be using Unreal Engine to add to our architectural visualization example and leverage the huge library of 3d models and assets that are available in the marketplace and Quixel Bridge.

Download 3ds Max TyFlow Project



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