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VFB + is now 100% Free!
If you have not had the opportunity to try this great plugin for MAX, this is an excellent opportunity, after several years of development, the author has decided to offer the plugin 100% free with all its features.

Have a great day!

Download here

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  1. laveda says

    Hi, can you help me ?
    I can’t get the VFB interface like that ?
    How to install and use it ?

    1. Cgtricks says

      Dear Laveda,


      Extract VFBPlus2.dlx from the ZIP file and place it in your 3dsmax \Plugins\ folder. Render as usual.
      Similarly, to uninstall simply delete this file.

      V-Ray users: disable the V-Ray frame buffer from render settings (V-Ray tab -> Frame Buffer rollout).

      Corona users: set the frame buffer mode to ‘Native 3dsmax VFB’ (System tab -> VFB rollout)

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