Volumetrics and SSS in Corona Renderer for 3ds Max

5-part look at volumetrics and subsurface scattering (SSS) in Corona Renderer for 3ds Max!

Top image: John Black Lee Desilver House by pixweld (pixweld.com)

This playlist of tutorials covers following topics: surface properties of a material, volumetric or subsurface properties of a material, translucency, simple glass, colored glass using Volumetric Scattering mode and Absorption Distance, difference between Absorption Color and Refraction Color, wax or marble using SSS mode, exploration of the Volumetric Scattering mode settings (Absorption, Scattering), Volumetric scattering, choosing Opacity, Refraction, or Translucency, Volumetric scattering with Opacity (e.g. smoke, clouds), scattering with Translucency (e.g. plastic), scattering with Refraction (e.g. glass), settings for subsurface scattering, volume grid parameters, and rendering speed optimizations.

Source evermotion.org
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