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Bookmanager 2 is a great tool for automatic process of books placement. It is written in MAXScript for use in Autodesk 3ds Max software. It has a wide range of features and easy to use interface.

Main features:

  • Horizontal, Leaning and Flipped books
  • Placing books directly on shelf polygons
  • Placing books in array
  • Editing dummy shelf size in viewport
  • Books series that can be quickly defined by objects name or color
  • Books alignment within the shelf length or depth
  • Books cloning option
  • Books scaling option
  • Books quantity settings
  • Seed option with buttons for quick Seed change
  • Randomness option for all main settings
  • Predefined and user presets
  • Option to test and fix book pivot allows to use any 3rd-party books

What’s new in Bookmanager 2:

  • Ability to set shelves dimensions in viewport by moving vertices of dummies splines

  • Test my books option allows to check if your books 3d models have proper pivot orientations and if not automatically fix them.

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  • There is no need to setup your shelf anymore. Bm2 has better algorithm for adding polygons and Books rotation option allows you to define books XY orientation on the shelf very quickly.

  • Big bright books look unrealistic in many copies. This option allows you to define those books so they will be not be cloned and placed by Bm2 in one copy only.

  • New user-friendly UI design. It is now horizontal with every option visible.
  • The process of adding books and polygons is more intuitive.
  • Quantity of added books and shelves is shown in the UI.
  • Check buttons for quick turning on/off sections with leaning/horizontal/flipped/series.
  • Presaved presets for quick start and ability to create your own
  • Generate random preset to test your luck
  • Sample book 3d model
  • Option to quickly remove books/shelves added to Bm
  • Edit poly modifier support
  • 3ds Max 2018 support

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3ds Max 2010 – 2018

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