Connecter 2.0 | Previews Panel, 3ds Max Materials support & more

What’s new? 

Inside Connecter:

  • Previews Panel – a brand new section of the interface that can be enabled from the Windows dropdown. It serves multiple purposes – you can explore thumbnails, previews, interactive previews (for Substance materials, Cinema 4D, FBX, OBJ, and other file formats), 3ds Max external files and material libraries. Works with the assets selected from the Assets view.
  • 3ds Max material libraries inside Connecter – you can now explore and manage .mat assets and their external files without loading them in 3ds Max. Everything happens in the Previews panel from where you can pick a material and drop it in Max to load or replace it straight away.
  • Dedicated 3ds Max – set up an instance of the software that will run silently while you explore the material libraries.
  • Refresh button – highly anticipated option to reload the content of a folder without leaving it.

3ds Max integration:

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements – including the issue with dropping .mat assets in the 3ds Max viewport.

Blender integration:

  • New installation routine – now from Connecter you can generate a .zip file that then can be installed from Blender’s preferences. This will ensure that the plugin works on future versions and daily builds.

Download Connecter

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