Corona Renderer for 3ds Max MultiMap Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn how to use the Corona MultiMap to quickly and easily create variations in materials.

00:11 Introduction

00:43 Example, randomize leaves on a tree, and from tree to tree

00:49 Example, randomize texture of floor tiles from a scattering plugin

01:06 Introduction to the “By Element” mode

01:32 Setting up a test scene

02:01 The 7 different modes

02:07 The By Primitive mode

02:21 The By Material mode

02:35 The By Instance mode, one of the most commonly used modes, e.g. to randomize each instance of a tree to have a different color

02:53 The By Material ID mode

03:32 Combining By Material ID and By Instance

04:00 The By Material GBuffer ID and By Object GBuffer ID modes

04:34 The By Mesh Element mode, e.g to randomize individual leaves on a tree

04:53 Using Batch Load to load a list of bitmaps

05:10 Using the Item Count, Hue random and Gamma random parameters

05:25 Combining the various distribution modes, e.g. randomized leaves on one tree, and randomized differences between each tree instance

06:47 Using the MultiMap in the Opacity channel (e.g. to vary the number of leaves on each tree)

07:33 A note about the Corona MultiMap previewed in the viewport

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