Curic Gesture

With Curic Gesture, SketchUp users can create mouse gestures and assign commands. Both native tools and plugins!

Users can easily create gestures such as swiping left/right or up/down and assign a command to each gesture, saving time and increasing productivity.

Curic Gesture provides users with up to 20 different mouse gestures.

It is easy to set your gestures.

Curic Gesture is a helpful tool for designers and architects looking to increase their workflow efficiency and create professional designs.



  • v1.1.0:
    • Multi contexts: You can set up different mouse gestures for various contexts, like when using Pushpull or selecting a Section Plane
    • Set Shortcuts for gestures
    • Press the Arrow keys to call a gesture when drawing a gesture

OS Compatibility: Windows, macOS (Intel & Apple chips)

SketchUp Version: Only support SketchUp 2022, SketchUp23

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