Don’t miss out !!! Graphroot Winter Giveaway

Graphroot Winter Giveaway

Winter is HERE and what better time to start sharing some knowledge for anyone looking to add realism to their exterior scenes!

You’ll get access to furniture model sets using adjusted models from Design Connected, one crispy cold Winter Scene PSD file, and a cute Gift Model from CG Connected!


6 different furniture sets made using models from Design Connected, grouped, re-tweaked and re-vamped by yours truly GRAPHROOT.

The Winter Bundle provides access to both original models and adjusted ones with updated material maps.

A couple of scattered presets for Itoo Forest Pack.
The provided models can be used with a scatter plugin – for an optimized workflow- or just manually added within the scene when no scatter software is on hand.

CG Connected provides a payed model as a gift!

Receive your promo code inside the Winter Bundle Pack – valid until 7th of Jan 2019.

CG Connected is an exclusive platform for high-quality 3d content developed by Design Connected 


Note: valid until 7th of Jan 2019

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