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Five months passed since we’ve released our latest PBR textures collection. Thanks to you ️ Physical 2 becomes our most successful collection to date!

Due to the success of the Physical series, we’ve dedicated the last five months exclusively to create an even better PBR collection.

Download 49 new PBR materials (free) 

Currently, we are putting finishing touches on the Physical 3 collection, so we thought that we could give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the forthcoming full version.

The P3 Taster pack features 49 brand new PBR materials coming from soon to be released Physical 3 collection.


Best Regards,

Pawel from CGAxis

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  1. Gabriel Alejandro Ballesteros Rodriguez says

    Link isnt working, did anyone downloaded it? anyone care to share it?

  2. SomeoneSpecific says

    The link does not go to a free download here either.

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