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Following pack contains sharp 32 textures of 2k resolution :

  • Albedo,
  • Opacity,
  • Normal,
  • Height,
  • SSS , as well as a lot of 16-bit variations of Normal and Albedo, giving you a full spectre of colour to work with.
  • Assets were created by really cool multiangle surface scan approach, which means you get perfectly sharp, crisp and true-color albedo with amazing TRUE Normal map as well as true Subsurface map, which was gathered by getting light to pass through an object , giving you real, physical areas of subsurface.

The pack contains following items:

  • T_sunflower
  • T_sincerely
  • T_Sage
  • T_Red_Currant
  • T_marigold
  • T_Saw3
  • T_Saw2
  • T_Saw1


Download more Free Textures here

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